In 2007, Jesse Bach traveled to Nepal to volunteer with Nepal Orphans Home. That first year he spent a month in Western Nepal working with girls rescued from the Kamlari system (child slavery/indentured servitude). During that time, he had a striking revelation. These children aren’t statistics, they are people and they need help.

Jesse returned to America changed, dedicated to helping the children who had given him a new outlook on life. Through a simple twist of fate and a missed Yoga class a very good friend of his; Candace Koslen pointed him in the right direction.

That first attempt was a whirlwind, recruiting a mass of volunteers from the Yoga community of Greater Cleveland and only two months after Jesse’s return, there was a benefit held to honor the work of Nepal Orphans Home. That first year enough money was raised to provide for “The Cleveland 15” a group of girls rescued from the Kamlari system. They were moved in to the Kalpana house within the Nepal Orphans Home system. Kalpana translated from Nepali means Imagine. It was an amazing honor to have a home named after our efforts.

There have been quite a few fund and awareness raising events since then, and there will be more to come. As long as there are children forced into servitude, The Imagine Foundation will work to be their voice. We will continue to raise funds and awareness to provide for their well-being, to peacefully fight for their freedom.

The problem is big and there are many hurdles to overcome; We ask you though to Imagine all the children, the children who need our help. The children who will someday grow up to help others. Imagine What’s possible if we just try.