To better address training needs, we have developed levels of human trafficking education. While these are open to anyone wanting to take the course(s), we do have some requirements to keep the sequence of courses in order. Trainings can be combined to provide a more in-depth and longer length training to address specific needs. Additional trainings will be added so check back frequently.

Please check our calendar to register for a free upcoming trainings at our office. If you wish to schedule a training at your place of business and/or organization, please email for more information and the donation request associated with us traveling to you.

Human Trafficking 101 - This is the foundation of what human trafficking is, who is involves, where it happens, how it happens, and why you should know about it. If you have taken a human trafficking 101 course through another anti-human trafficking organization, you may skip this course with proof of previous taken course. This is a one-hour presentation. This is a pre request to move on to any level 2 and below training. Proof of previous taken course with another organization can bi-pass this level.

Human Rights 101 - This is the foundation of what human rights means. More information will be available in Spring 2017.

Project SAFE - Saving Our Adolescents From Exploitation:

Project SAFE was created to empower middle and high school teachers with the education resources to teach their students and community about human trafficking in a school setting.

Project SAFE middle and high school curriculum includes welcome letters to students, parents, and administrators; a list of resources including safe internet websites, books, films; tips on keeping safe as students; classroom introduction slides; classroom activities and homework; pre-made lesson plans; quizzes that correspond with the curriculum; a video and pre-made PowerPoint that can be changed to cater towards the grade level and teacher’s needs.

The middle school curriculum was developed to be appropriate for their age and that includes common core standards. This curriculum includes case scenarios to help students step in the shoes of other teens their age who were put in difficult situations. From previous teachers and educators who have taught Project SAFE, students have a great response to this particular section and allows them to work through other ways to handle that situation in a safe environment.

The high school curriculum was developed to be appropriate for their age and also includes common core standards. This curriculum also includes case scenarios that are little more complex to help students really evaluate potential ways people may try to traffick another person.

To request this curriculum for your classroom or request an middle/high school education specialist please email


In 2015, The Imagine Foundation was approved by The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology to provide a one-hour human trafficking continued education credit to all licensees holding an active basic or managing license in Cosmetology, Hair Design, Natural Hair Styling, Manicuring, or Esthetics.

CE course can be scheduled by emailing